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g•glove® is a club grip cover, and the only one of its kind.   It is a patented design that slides easily over one or two golf club grips and protects them from elements on the course.

During play, you often have to carry more than one club with you as you leave the cart.   As a result, you must lay the extra clubs on the ground, where wet grass, sand, dirt and mud make your grips less effective.

During mist, rain or early morning dew, it's a struggle to keep your grips dry.   g•glove®covers your grips so they stay dry and clean.

After heavy rains, many courses maintain a cart path only policy, requiring golfers to walk even farther and carry multiple clubs with them.   g•glove® lets you carry additional clubs without the worry of where you'll lay them down.

g•glove® helps you protect your grips.